Food Photography Manual by Matt Wright, Giveaway – 2 copies

We’re so proud of our amazing friend, Matt Wright of Wright Food. Not only is he a wonderful dad, husband, cook, blogger and charcuterie meister, Matt is a wonderful food photographer as well. His generosity and hard work are further obvious in his latest project for Japan’s devastating earthquake aid.

Matt has been working for months on a food photography manual, detailing is workflow, set-up, tips and tricks to his beautiful food photography.

He has compiled a gorgeous manual to teach and share all that he can to the community.

But wait, he’s gone even farther and is selling this book and donating all the profits to Japan’s aid. He makes absolutely no money off this!!

Matt has the hugest, most generous heart and this self-less project is just one example of what a shining, wonderful person he is.

Read more about his food photography manual on his blog.

So to celebrate this amazing project, we’re personally buying 2 copies of his food photography manual and giving them away!

The giveaway rules are simple:

  • For one entry: Tell us what you want to improve on food photography, comment below
  • For bonus entry: twitter this giveaway with both our twitter handles – @whiteonrice and @wrightfood , then return to comments section & leave the link there.
  • Giveaway will end on Sunday, May 1st at midnight PST.
  • Both winners will be selected by random number generator or twitter and announced back on this blog on Tuesday, May 3rd.

Food & Light Photography Workshop: We’re also so honored to be teaching a food photography workshop with Matt Wright and our friend Jen Yu of Use Real Butter in Colorado in August! Come join us! Details to sign up are at Food and Light website.

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  1. Jon Van Dalen

    I want to improve by learning more about food styling and presentation as well as even more about lighting.

  2. Ashley Smith Mikkelson

    Trying not to eat the subject before photographing…. also prop positioning. I think my eyes are a bit off balance (:

  3. Becky

    I have a decent camera, but have a lot to learn about lighting and staging – this book would help a lot I bet! : )

  4. Miss chels

    I am in dire need of some help with techniques for lighting, pretty back drops, and plating.

  5. Becki Sue

    I love to cook and bake. I desperately want to start my own blog. But until my photographs are pretty enough to post on the Internet (besdies FB), I impatiently wait. I could use some help wth composition and lighting, especially.

  6. Cory

    We are your polar opposites, I am the chef and my wife is the photographer. I want to improve the photographic quality of my food. She doesn’t need a whole lot of help on the shooting side. We have been working on HDR shots now, A whole new ballgame.
    I am a long time fan of your site, one of the few that I visit religiously.

  7. Anne

    Well, I’ve been food blogging for over 7 years, and while my photography definitely has improved, I’m also feeling lazy and I want to challenge myself to become better. I definitely need some kind of kick in the butt to get inspired!

  8. Kathleen

    definitely food styling.
    and who doesn’t need help with lighting,
    even those of us who think we know,
    can always learn a few new tricks.

  9. Yumi @ Natsukashii

    I’d love to learn more about styling and lighting. I know when I look at food photography I love the ones that can get my desire to eat at first sight! How giving of Matt Wright to donate it all to Japan!!

  10. Brenda

    I am stepping into new terrain – natural light food photography – for my recipe collection that will be published soon. I’m excited to learn about different techniques to produce quality work – !

  11. Jamie

    I’m just getting started – I need to learn everything from styling to composition to lighting, and anything else.

  12. Hanna

    Composition definitely is the one to improve, though I’m in a need of improving everything.

  13. Alyson

    Oh my gosh, what don’t I need help with in terms of photography. I mean, things have improved since I really started 7 months ago, but they’re still not great… not by a long shot!

  14. Joyce

    I’d love to improve on set-up and lighting!

  15. Roberta

    Hi and thank you for this kind opportunity!
    Being an absolute beginnner I need to improve every aspect of food photography…
    Natural light, composition, styling….good advice needed!

  16. Vaishali

    I have to start from basics…I’ve tried my hand with some good results but I want to improve!!

  17. Karen @ My Pantry Shelf

    My kitchen is blessed with great natural light, but I struggle with composition. I want the food to be arranged in a way that truly highlights the essence of the meal. It is difficult, especially when attempting to define different dishes that have many of the same ingredients or presentation style.

    I have a simple digital point and shot camera, so I would also like to upgrade at some point to a camera with more capabilities.

  18. Amy P.

    Composition and lighting are the areas in which I need the most improvement.

  19. Matt

    I would like to improve my composition and styling.

  20. jazzjune

    i want to capture the food’s vibrancy so that it doesn’t look like diner food (which, to be fair, absolutely has its place from time to time.

  21. Susanne Schanz

    I do my foodphotography only with natural light. So I’d like to improve with artificial lighting and still I’m searching my perfect workflow. So maybe Matt’s book will help to improve my photography.

  22. Wendy

    This book looks great! I need help with everything. I spent way too much money on my camera to be taking crappy photos. I know what I like but need help figuring out how to produce it! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  23. Kris

    I’m new to all of this and I’d like to start doing it well. I could really use the guidance.

  24. BZ Ho

    Composition and lighting are things that I need to improve upon.

  25. Ha Nguyen

    I am starting a foodblog and love to learn and improve my photography and food styling skills.

  26. Carly

    I definitely want to work on composition and really bringing just how delicious something looks through the camera lens.

  27. Liz N

    Composition, lighting, and using photo editing software are areas I’d love to improve.

  28. Michelle


  29. Suzanne

    I want to improve on my lighting, composition and learning more about my camera

  30. Lucy

    thanks for the chance! i’d love to work on my composition — making it work without being too fussy!

  31. Johnny

    I would love to learn lighting and better angles for shots!

  32. Leah

    I would love to learn to understand lighting better.

  33. Resa Blobaum

    Because I don’t feel like I have acquired the knowledge for using my SLR camera, I mostly photograph my cooking with my iPhone. It actually takes lovely pictures, but would love to do this in a more professional manner. Thank you for all the inspiration your site offers.

  34. Elizabeth Prewitt

    I feel like I take pretty decent photographs, but not great ones. I’d love to learn the technical nuts and bolts behind taking my photos to the next level. I know it’s not always luck in getting that perfect shot!

  35. Jiyoung

    I’m not sure how you can get link for the tweet, but I tweeted @ mooniesays.!/MoonieSays

  36. Jiyoung

    I would love to know how to make food photos come more alive! I thing taking food pictures accurately show vivid color of the food is so hard 🙁

  37. Cecelia

    I really want to work on taking quality photos in non-ideal situations (e.g. food photos at night). Great giveaway!

  38. Mandi Whitten

    Tweeted (sorry don’t know how to get individual tweet!)!/MandiWhitten

  39. Mandi Whitten

    I would love to learn some new ideas with composition – to keep my photography exciting and refreshing. I should also learn a little more about food styling. I love cooking and eating almost as much as I love taking photos of food!

  40. Sneh | Cook Republic

    Thanks for offering this great resource. I would love to understand the specifics of different kinds of lenses and their settings in relation to food photography. I would love to learn about using darkness and depth to create “moody” food photos, photos that are seductive even in the way they portray food. There is a lot of information about whites and brights in relation to food photography but very little about using the element of darkness (props, backgrounds, dark tones) with food.

  41. Lori @ RecipeGirl

    Oh geez, where do I begin? I’d like to know how to use the settings on my Canon 40D. Looks like this is a great book!

  42. karen

    to make the food look better/tastier!! maybe my cooking is what needs the most improvement…

  43. Diane

    Definitely the lighting, but styling too!

  44. Christine

    Love your blog, recipes and photography. Would love to know how to get really dark backgrounds so the food/product in the foreground pops. Would comment on twitter but my cell doesn’t even have a camera. Lol!

  45. Simon Ignatowski

    I need help with everything, hopefully this book would help me bring my photos to life.

  46. Yudith

    Lightning, lightning and lighting. I live in a state where it seems cloudy all year long. Sigh. Oh, and by the time I have time to take pictures; it’s pitch black outside. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  47. nanette

    I want to improve on angling and styling!

  48. Taryn

    Would love to get more into food photography and learn the basics of food styling. I’m super interested in photography and food but have just never mixed the two!

  49. Ethan

    lighting, lighting lighting…please

  50. Snippets of Thyme

    Well, I can see (or count) that I am jumping in here pretty late! But I’ll play. I had discovered Wright’s blog when I first started writing and then couldn’t find it. So glad to have re-discovered it. What would I improve about my photography? I have both artistic and technical issues. I have trouble uploading photos to FG and TS without them blurring. Also, lighting is a major reason my photos get rejected. I need to understand better how to harness lighting and use it appropriately.

  51. Janet

    Would love any/all tips for a beginning photographer. Thank you!

  52. Sara

    I would like to get better at shooting indoors in the evening when is when most of my cooking necessarily takes place. I know that without natural light there’s only so far I can go, but I also am certain I can do much better than I am currently!

    Also, developing a more artistic eye and learning about composition couldn’t hurt either.

  53. Krystal R.

    Composition and lighting, and finding the right angle. Natural light is key, but from what angle, too. What an awesome giveaway!

  54. Valeria

    I really need to work on lightening and post-production, but also on composition and styling. This book would be soo helpful –and the workshop, too!

  55. Kate

    I’d really love to work on lighting and styling. My kitchen is a poor light source, my dining room not much better, but I need to learn to work with what I have!

  56. tram d. luu

    i’d like to improve the styling of my food photos. hopefully this book can help me!

  57. penny

    Angles. Something is wrong with the direction in which I take these pics. Or maybe its the subject. Who knows.

  58. Didem

    I am a newbie. I need all help I can get. Thank you so much for the awesome giveaway 🙂

  59. Edwina
  60. Edwina

    I need inspiration desperately.

  61. Amanda

    I want to improve my use of lighting.

  62. Jessica Lynn

    I would like help with lighting and exposure!

  63. Stacy

    Truthfully, I am just starting to learn this beautiful art of food photography and would like to improve upon everything! It looks like an amazing book. Thank you!

  64. Mary

    Finding great food photography books is so difficult! I would love to learn how to improve my lighting and how to utilize more creative composition and styling.

  65. Teri V.

    I would really like help with perspective, composition & lighting, soooo pretty much everything I’d say!

  66. Mia Detrick

    How to capture the subject’s true vitality – perfection without a Photoshop veneer. We used to just use cameras and out eyes…..

  67. Kevin M

    I want to improve upon food prep and appearance. How do I put the food on the plate to look good?

  68. Anjali

    Awesome giveaway! I’d like to learn more about natural lighting and different ways of styling food. Thank you!

  69. Lindsay

    the concept, story behind the photo, composition

  70. julia

    I’d love tips on getting good close-ups to show texture and how-tos for frozen treats– my ice cream always starts to melt before I get a great shot!

  71. Aim

    I want to capture dishes that look as good as they tasted and smelled. Plating isn’t the issue. It’s my photography skills.

  72. Karla

    I need help with everything. I want a photo to be accepted to Tastespotting and it never, ever happens (and I am not sure why).

  73. Kim

    I need to improve on lighting and layout.

  74. Mallory

    I’d like to learn more about lighting. What a great idea to sell this book for such a great cause.

  75. Sense of Home

    I want to improve my lighting, I either have a dark image or washed out image.


  76. Mercè

    Great idea for a good cause!
    I’d love to learn more on lightning setup and composition!

  77. Laura Watson

    People and their wonderful doings never cease to amaze me. Good work and good luck.

    I would definitely love to learn more about manual settings and lighting, as well as those handy little hints on how to get the best out of the presented dish.

  78. Misty Pittman

    Not only is the concept brilliantly simple, but there is true value here for anyone who is interested in food photography. This book is on my wish list to purchase very soon!

  79. marissa from the boot

    what a great giveaway and a great cause! i might just buy it even if i don’t win!
    i would love help learning how to style food better!
    love your blog!

  80. Michelle James

    I need help with lighting and camera settings (actually, any help I can get is needed!)

  81. bunkycooks

    I follow you both on Twitter. 🙂

  82. bunkycooks

    I still need to be more inspired to do the styling part after doing all the cooking!

  83. corinne

    since I don’t take pictures…. all has to be improve on my side !! but I just love to see all these great picures which are just piece of art 🙂
    Thanks for your blog which i like very very much,

  84. clairetweet

    I would love to develop my use of props, composition and textures to allow my photographs to tell a more interesting story.

  85. Heather

    I’ve only just begun learning about food photography and so far its been all about trial and error. I would love to be able to learn some solid techniques for taking simple, beautiful photos!

  86. Sherry

    Since I know nothing about food photography, I would like to know how to just take a good picture… Right now, all the ones I do aren’t vivid enough, not quite engaging and all together boring. I’ll just like to be able to take pictures that make you want to eat the food and not just pass it by.

  87. adelle

    not sure what the problem is…but i definitely need help.

  88. aprilmayjunebug

    i want to work on everything. i am newly cooking and picture-taking and writing and loving it all. but as i am teaching myself, things are going slowly, i’m afraid. this guide looks like it would give me lots of good ideas!

  89. annelise

    I would love to learn how to better utilize natural light

  90. Gilbert Ho

    I’d like to work on lighting food attractively, it’s something I struggle with even with off-camera flash.

  91. pam

    I want to learn to do more than just sit the plate of food on a table and take a picture!

  92. B. J. Cade


    I would love to win Matt Wright’s Food Photography Manual, because my birthday is Monday, April 25. I would enjoy learning how to improve my own food photography skills. Plus, my daughter is a pastry chef, who doesn’t always have time to photograph her masterpieces before they are gobbled up. And, another plus: I would love to eventually pass it on to her on one of her birthdays, in a distant June, after I’ve learned from Matt.

    Each year I give her a cook book. This year, if I won, I’d give her an extra special gift. Or, maybe I’ll buy a copy just for her.

    This Limner

  93. martina fegan

    Composition and lighting are my two priorities.

  94. Rosanna

    I would like to improve on my lighting skills!

  95. Mary @ Delightful Bitefuls

    Just tweeted!

    Great giveaway from @whiteonrice! Hoping to win the Food Photography Manual by @wrightfood #fingerscrossed


  96. Mary @ Delightful Bitefuls

    What a great giveaway! I need to work on my lighting and food set up! Fingers crossed!

  97. Mikki

    I’d like to improve lighting set up and knowing what will work best for particular shots.

  98. Rene

    I’d like to give more dimension to my photographs. At best my food photography looks very flat.

  99. Katie

    I’ve gotten a lot better with lighting, but most of it’s still fairly generic, so I’d really like to improve my composition and styling.

  100. Gwyneth Terry

    I want my pictures to look more finished

  101. Emily
  102. Emily

    I would love to work on my technique in general. I’m extremely new to food photography and am not exactly sure what I could do to improve my skills!

  103. Jackie B!/YummyStuffGoesH/status/61751560010604544

    For me it would be styling and everything LOL. Coz I am a beginner.

  104. Candela

    Artificial lighting & a lot more… Would be great to win, but if I don’t I ‘ll buy the book , I love shining ,generous people like him, I ‘ll be glad to be a “part” of his project. 🙂 Buon Weekend.

    1. Candela

      I’ll buy the book anyway.. is what I wanted to say…

  105. The Prudent Homemaker

    The angle of a shot is always my biggest challenge.

    Matt has an amazing photo of leeks on his site. I didn’t know a plate of cooked leeks could look like that. Impressive.

  106. marci flaster

    I recently bought a brand new camera all in hopes of taking amazing pictures of the food I blog about. I could really use some tips on food photography.

  107. story

    I definitely want to improve on composition and lighting, especially using natural light.

  108. Mari @ Once Upon a Plate

    Matt Wright and White on Rice Couple, YOU rock!
    I would like to improve the utilization of available (natural) light.
    I’ll ‘facebook’ this give away and Matt’s blurb book ~ thank you for devoting the sales to such a meaningful cause.

  109. Sarah

    Oh, I would love this book! Sounds fantastic. I would like to improve my composition and lighting, and gain tips as far as setting-up the shot. I think I rush through these aspects and miss some key steps in taking consistently great shots.

  110. Gilda Claudine

    I’d like to harness instinct in order to hone technique!
    (Not sure if I’m providing the right link to my tweet on this:!/DosGildas)

  111. Julie Jones

    I follow both @whiteonrice and @wrightfood

  112. Julie Jones

    This is something that would awesome to have. Food photography is something I definitely struggle with but I really admire. My forte is portrait photography but food photography is so beautiful to me. I love to cook also so it’d be nice to take great pictures of my own creations!
    Thank you for this giveaway!

  113. Fiona

    I’d like to improve every aspect!

  114. Louise

    I would like to improve on styling food.

  115. Courtney

    I definitely need to work on composition and lighting.

  116. Nolwenn

    I would like to improve the lighting settings, how to use it, what to do when there is not that much of natural light (ie at night and in restaurants) etc.

  117. Julia

    I’d like some motivation to just get started!

  118. cassie

    wow. what an amazingly generous thing he is doing. simply wonderful.

    i need a lot of help with my photography….but i’d like to focus on one thing at a time. lighting is difficult for me–especially when there is little/no natural light available (yay for spring!!).

  119. Carolyn

    Plant food, which comprises the bulk of my diet and that of an increasing number of others, can be as tricky as any animal food to photograph. Lighting/exposure is key, and even though there are a plethora of lighting manuals out there (I have more than a few of them), any resource that includes examples and detailed explanations of shoots is welcome. Count me in!

  120. Melissa

    I could really use help with lighting and composition.

  121. Kristi

    I need lighting help

  122. MaryTranLee

    My lighting is always horrible unless I’m using natural light and even then, I know that the pictures could be better…I just have no clue how. My angles aren’t so great either.

  123. QuincesandthePea
  124. Hannah

    I want to improve my skills at using studio lights. I still don’t feel confident using them…

  125. QuincesandthePea

    I really need to improve my lighting – I work mostly from window light and I have to time it all just for the right time of day. I need to learn how to use artificial light better.

  126. tbg

    lighting and better drool control when gazing at my handiwork 😉

  127. terri

    anything would be helpful for me.

    looks like an amazing book–but when are you going to do a photography book of your own?

  128. Bradd Silver

    My wife is an incredible cook and I try to document her achievements by photography. But I do not get it right. I need help

  129. Karen

    Composition, for sure!

  130. Amy

    Thanks for the opportunity and for giving to the Japan relief effort.

    I need help in action shots, ie chefs cooking, stirring, pouring, etc. I prefer natural light but can’t seem to find the right technique to get clear action shots that aren’t blurry or too dark or too light.


  131. Marthalynn

    Oh where do I begin?! Help with lighting, help with design, help with casting a vision. I think he is an amazingly talented photographer!

  132. jadekaz

    A great reminder how important sight is to taste. An impressive endeavor, indeed!

  133. sreelu

    Matt’s pics are just awesome, I am looking for composition ideas and well as dealing with light issues.

  134. Madison

    I also tweeted about the giveaway. I am @Borntorun77.

  135. Madison

    I know very little of food photography so this book would really help me out.

  136. Malcolm

    Every photographer has a “bag of magic” they take to every shoot. My food shoots are usually on location such as “Taste of the Nation” There is little time to set up an elaborate display with my own lighting. I usually have to find special little props just hanging around the location. What I need to know is what 10 items I should carry to every food shoot. Also, presentation of the color pallet available with the subtle differences in greens and reds that food provides.


  137. Melissa

    Lighting & composition, please!

  138. Jen at The Three Little Piglets

    Definitely lighting and depth of field – I just can’t seem to get the different layers of focus, so my photos look one dimensional and poorly lit!

  139. ladywild

    Lighting. Its a constant battle.

  140. Lindsey @ Morningstar Project

    Arranging food so I get the best angle! And how to work in other props and colors combos to set the mood perfectly. So basically I need help with it all 😉

  141. Helena

    Lighting. Lighting. Lighting. and Overhead shots. Your site is beautiful.

  142. Ana-Maria

    Also retwitted about the giveaway here :!/anamaria_p

  143. Lauren

    I really want to find out how to use props better. Also I don’t always have access to lighting because I work all day so how do I maneuver that little issue best??

  144. Ana-Maria

    I would like to improve the styling of the food.

  145. Jake

    Ihave heard great things about this Matt and this book. I will be picking up soon, no doubt.

  146. Katerina

    I want to improve on lighting

  147. foodies at home

    I think we would love to improve on getting the right composition down in the photos…It’s amazing how something can look so delish in person, but in a photo you can loose a lot with out composition.

    Congrats to your friend!

  148. Rachel @ Rachel's Recipe Reviews

    I also tweeted about this giveaway!!/RachsRecipeRev

  149. Cookin' Canuck
  150. Cookin' Canuck

    I need to work on stepping out of the box with my photos. I’m also very interested to ready about Matt’s workflow, something that seems to be rather haphazard for me.

  151. Rachel @ Rachel's Recipe Reviews

    This looks awesome, I need SO much help in this department. I’m probably going to buy it if I don’t win it, it looks great!

  152. matt wright

    I got a tear in my eye here guys. Thanks for such glowing words and for doing this fantastic giveaway!

  153. Susan

    Lighting, lighting, and lighting! Thanks for a great giveaway. I’m taking it as a good omen that the winner will be announced on my birthday.

  154. Boulder Locavore

    I’m not sure how to link to twitter but I cut and pasted my tweet on the giveaway:

    Food Photography Manual by Matt Wright, Giveaway – 2 copies via @WhiteOnRice @wrightfood

  155. Boulder Locavore

    I’d like to better learn how to shoot tablescapes ‘a la White on Rice fabulosity’.

  156. Allison

    Using artificial lighting

  157. Marmande in the Kitchen

    I am stumbling my way through teaching myself about how to get lighting right in my pictures – sometimes its too much, sometimes not enough. It’s been a learning process!

  158. Stacie

    I need all the help I can get with my pictures!

  159. bellini

    Learning to use my camera to its best advantage and not relying on the auto setting in different lighting situations is a challenge for me!!! I love that Matt is donating all proceeds to relief in Japan!!

  160. Sarah

    lighting! it’s so tricky!

  161. Courtney F.

    I need to improve my lighting skills, so the food looks as appetizing in photos as in person!

  162. Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean

    my pictures always have too many shadows!

  163. Heather Simons

    What an amazing project! I can’t wait to check out Matt’s blog. And because you asked, I’d like to improve the lighting in my photos and photo composition–background props and color combinations are important!

  164. Kristina@EatingSkinny

    I am just a beginner and need all the help and guidance I can get. I am ready to start my food blog for fun and for my clients and really want them to fall in love with the beautiful whole foods. But I really have no idea how to go about it. Thanks for the tip about his book and his generosity.


  165. Krista

    Not to toot my own horn, but my food looks good until I try to photograph it. I need some assistance in capturing the food I make, the markets I visit and treats before I eat them. I want natural, stylish looking pictures. I don’t want any more drab, blah looking food photos. What settings, when and how? Help!

  166. Jacqueline

    I want to improve on lighting! I don’t know what makes some pictures come out better than others in terms of their lighting.

  167. Donna

    Composition and lighting. Sometimes I can see why a photo isn’t good, and sometimes I don’t see what the problem is. For times when I’m taking a photo of dinner, I’d like to be able to set up a shot fairly quickly and take at least one “good enough” photo rather than taking a whole bunch and sorting through to find the one that’s least awful.

  168. Allison Achauer

    I would love to improve my styling and composition skills so that the food leaps into life and pulls the viewer right into that setting. I just recently watched Matt Wright’s video on the post-production he did on a lamb prosciutto shot – fantastic!

  169. Pamela

    Tips on working in small spaces.

  170. art and lemons

    I would like to tell more visual stories with photography around and off the table with people and food.

  171. EatLiveRun

    I’d love to improve my knowledge on lighting! I know I’m just hitting the tip of iceberg right now.

  172. Terri
  173. Tanvi

    Tweeted about the giveaway.

  174. Kristy Snider

    What a great giveaway! I need to focus on colors that work well, lighting…and probably choosing a better camera!

  175. Tanvi

    A dream giveaway.Who wont want Matt’s mannual.I wish I could be a better food stylist.

  176. Kaitlin

    I need all the help I can get- from lighting to placement and everywhere in between!

  177. Terri

    Lighting, lighting, lighting!

  178. Kim

    Warm filtered artificial lighting… that’s what I need to figure out. 🙂

  179. UrMomCooks

    I need help with composition! I think they call that “telling a story” with my food!!!

  180. Andrea M

    I am just starting and would love to learn more about it all! Especially lighting 🙂 thanks!

  181. alex

    I am just getting started with food photography so this book would be super helpful in helping me understand many processes!

  182. Kristen J

    I want to learn how to make the colors of the food pop out, without getting washed out from the lighting.

  183. jenny

    i need to improve my composition, and any help i can get!

  184. Daedre

    I could probably use some studio lighting. That would definitely help keep my photos more in focus (partially because my camera is getting old).

  185. Amy @ A Little Nosh

    I’d like to learn how to use props creatively.

  186. JulieD

    I tweeted!/TheLittleKitchn/status/61443145879134208 (sorry if this is a duplicate comment)

  187. Ben

    Every part of my food photography could use some work, the most important being composition and lighting.

  188. karen

    Tweeted! Just don’t know how to add that link here but used both handles. @whiteonrice and @wrightfood

  189. karen

    how NOT to obsess over trying to be perfect in taking food photos.

  190. JulieD

    I’m really trying to work on lighting and what I’m trying to convey with my food photography. Then, I want to work on incorporating more props into my shots, I take a lot of close-ups right now. Thanks for this giveaway!

  191. Naomi

    I love taking photographs of my kitchen creations and of veggies growing in our garden. I need help w/ set up and lighting! I have a lot to learn! 🙂

  192. TheKitchenWitch

    Well, I need help in every area of photography, but cocktails are my nemesis!

  193. Laura

    What I would love to learn is how to use natural light to create beautiful pictures. Styling is also something I need help with.

    I love his work, I just re-read some of his posts yesterday.

  194. Penny

    When photographing food, the picture needs to tell everything – translate the taste, smell and freshness of the food. I would like to improve on my presentation of the food in the photograph and learn more about the best way to communicate to the viewer how good a dish is through my photograph. 🙂

  195. Melissa Crane

    I need to improve on food styling, and ideas on how to create a story using food in photographs.

  196. Tracy Grant

    I need to improve my techniques! In my rural area the photographer is responsible for most of the styling as well as the photograph. Plus there are no workshops or mentors here that I have found.
    Help please 🙂

  197. Rebecca

    I know I have a lot to learn on styling, but my main area on which I’d like to focus is perfecting the use of lighting (either natural or otherwise.) I would also like some ideas on essential gear (beyond the camera, duh, right? Shame faced.) I have my entire life to learn and this would be a great place to start!

  198. spooneb

    I need all the help I can get, particularly with styling.

  199. merry jennifer

    I need to improve on my lighting – using it to my advantage.

  200. Maggie

    Pick up the sexuality and sensuality inherent in the food with perspective and lighting.

  201. nik

    I’d like to experiment more with lighting techniques and different light sources. Thank you!

  202. Kierstan @ Life {and running} in Iowa

    What a great book – I could always use more tips on how to take better food photos! Especially tips on how to take a great photo in low light (ie – winter months!)

  203. Lillian

    I would really love to learn more on setting up the shots inside and using the light I have. I figure it out with everything else, but somehow it just seems so much more difficult to combine with food styling and making it look appealing!

  204. Cecilie Ødegård

    Hi. I need help on lighting as daylight as almost absent for months in the winter.
    Best regards from Norway 🙂

  205. Divina

    Can I answer everything about food photography? The lighting, the angles, the composition, etc,

  206. Jessica

    I definitely would like to learn more about setting the scene and telling a story with my photography. Would love a great resource! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  207. d.liff @ yelleBELLYboo

    I need a lot of improvement! I want to learn what I’m doing before I invest in an expensive camera.

  208. Brandon

    I am still trying to nail down the perfect workflow!


  209. Michelle

    Matt Wright is an amazing inspiration. Thank you two for being so freaking generous! I know that with time my photography will (and has for that matter) improve. The more I read, look at other great work then try and implement these techniques into my work everything seems to improve. Honestly I am not sure what I want to improve specifically, I would love someone to shed a little insight on what qualities my photos have and what the are lacking, this book could help me in self discovery.

  210. Brooke (Baking with Basil)

    Any and all aspects! But I would really like to learn more about lighting and staging.

  211. Urban Wife

    Since most of my food photography occurs at night, I would love some pointers on how to best utilize what lighting, etc. I have to my advantage. What a generous giveaway!

  212. Courtney

    I’d like to improve on both natural and artificial lighting.

  213. Brianne

    I really need help figuring out how to utilize light to get the best photos. I don’t have a lot of natural light in my nearly windowless kitchen, and by the time I get dinner done, it’s usually dark out.

  214. Pure2raw twins

    I would love to improve composition and lighting, as well learn how to use tri-pod.

  215. Lauren at Keep It Sweet

    I’d like to improve the focus of my photos and learn how to use a real camera.

  216. latenac

    Mainly I’d like to improve lighting. Composition as well but really lighting.

  217. Yoly

    I need help with the composition and lighting. I’m a newbie when it comes to photographing food and can take all the help I can get.

  218. Katie

    I’d like to learn about getting the most out of your available resources. I have great light but only for a few hours of the day, and never seem to capitalise on it.

  219. Alison

    Definitely lighting. I love natural light but my cooking always seems to get done in the evening after natural light options have gone.

  220. egidija

    lighting, lighting and one more time lighting….

  221. Stacy

    What a wonderful project. I need help with lighting!

  222. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)


  223. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    Omg I am soooo excited to meet all 3 of you in Boulder! I just did a photography workshop with Matt & Adam in LA last weekend and it rocked. Can’t wait to learn more. I want help staging my shots and elements that go into a great shot to consistently (and quickly) set up my shots better.

  224. Lauren @ Healthy Food For Living

    I’m starting to do a better job of staging my photographs, but I still need to work on lighting. I’d love a DSLR one day, but for now I’m trying my best using the manual mode on my point and shoot! This is a great giveaway :). Off to tweet about it!

  225. Egle

    I love photography and trying to learn how to take better photos every day, I enjoy taking photos of still life, but somehow when it comed to food photography i get stuck, so Wrightfood book by Matt Wright would be a real help and much appreciated!xxx

  226. Eva

    I need to improve on everything, especially find a good camera to take photos.

  227. Andrea

    Thank you so much for this giveaway. I would love to have a copy of this book. I’m still learning about food photography, I think I’m getting better every day but there is still a lot of room for improvement. I’m mostly struggling with food composition and sometimes I have a lot of trouble with lights. Anyway this book would be a great help. 🙂

  228. Muy Bueno Cookbook

    I love the clarity I get with some of my shots but know I have so much more to learn. A handy dandy book like this would be fan-tabulous! Veronica

  229. Ishwariya

    I’d like simply to know where to start with food photography!

  230. Emma @ Poires au Chocolat

    It looks like such beautiful book, and what a great cause. I’d like to improve my lighting set up.

  231. Kitt

    Sweet! I’ll play. I’d like some styling tips. I get lots of inspiration from you all, but I don’t always understand WHY something looks so good one way and not another.


  232. Corina Acosta

    I want to improve on coveying more emotion in my photography of food through use of color. I love how color can be one of the most compelling tools for telling a story when there are no words.

  233. Nate @ House of Annie

    I want to improve on my composition and lighting.

  234. simplyblythe

    i need all the food photography help i can get!

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