Food Blogger Seminar, Camera Giveaway & Winner of Citrus Giveaway

Thank you to everyone who have joined the Food Blog Forum community in the past two weeks! It’s been a huge success and all the conversations on the forums have been fantastic. So much information is being shared, it’s hard to figure out where to start!

There’s only a few days left to enter the awesome camera giveaway. To enter, become a member and participate in the forums. That’s it. The winner will be announced at our Food Blog Forum Seminar in Los Angeles on Saturday, March 27 from 10am-5pm.

You can order tickets for the Food Blog Forum Seminar Here. Look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday!


Now for the two winners of the garden citrus giveaway. We had a whopping 264 entries for the fruit!

Wow, if we could give every single one of you who entered a basket of fruit, we would. But we’d have to have at least a two acre orchard to keep up with all of our requests.  As our citrus fruits become more available on our trees, we’ll be giving away more soon. In the meantime, Kristine over at is giving away some of her garden meyer lemons! So head on over to FormerChef blog for the meyer lemon giveaway.

We asked the twitter world to pick two random numbers between 1 and 264 and asked our followers to pick the numbers in two different increments. The responses came so quick to pick the winners! First to choose a number in the first increment (#1-#132) was @CarolineAdobo and she picked lucky #7! We immediately asked for another number for the second increment (#133-#264) and @w_interrobang immediately twittered back #263

Congratulations to RH on comment #7 and Quyen on comment #263 !


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  1. Quyen

    Opps….I didn’t quite finish my last comment….I’m so excited that I won the blood oranges!! I can’t wait cook/bake with them! =) Thank you so much for the wonderful citrus giveaway! (and it was great meeting you two on Saturday at fbf – I learned so much!!)

  2. Quyen


  3. TripleScoop

    WORC! Thanks for your generosity. Can’t wait to meet you guys on Saturday.

  4. Jessica

    I so wish I could attend the seminar on Saturday, but L.A. is just a bit too far for me. Hold a seminar in Seattle, though, and I will so be there!

    I also wanted to thank you guys for putting together the Food Blog Forum along with Steamy Kitchen. I am enjoying it so much, and I’m meeting so many other bloggers already. It’s actually a little addictive–I sit down to look around, see what people are saying on various forums, and before I know it, two hours have gone by!

  5. Sara @ OurPrivateKitchen

    Woohoo! Can’t wait for Saturday. Thanks again to you guys & Steamy Kitchen for putting this together.

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Sara- look forward to seeing you again!

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