The Value of Every Person – Food Blog Forum 2013 Disney World

“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” -Walt Disney

Walt’s words were said over fifty years ago, but they still resonate so powerful today. His message could not ring any truer than it could right here, right now, and for some, especially a few weeks ago where one hundred bloggers gathered together to make magic happen.

Food Blog Forum started as an idea Jaden and I had when we were in Mexico together on healthy retreat trip in 2010. We had the opportunity to spend a few days together and really talk about what was important in our lives and how we can do more of it. Two strong priorities came to mind: spending more time with family and giving back to our food community as much as we can. And voila, Food Blog Forum was created and as soon as we returned home, we put all our energy and enthusiasm to the project.

We now had a project that our “family”, all four of us (Jaden, Scott, Todd and Diane) can work together on that created a community of learning, sharing, friendship and inspiration.

The family part to work together was easy, but you know what was surprisingly easier? The people. All you people coming together. All the food bloggers, food writers, food photographers, food lovers and everyone who ever wanted to learn and share about food online made Food Blog Forum what it is today. It’s every single person who comes to participate in our events or online conversations and community that make Food Blog Forum beyond the dream that Jaden and I had ever imagined.

We value every person who is a part of our community.

This includes all the hard work of organizers from our other locations in Los Angeles, Atlanta (thanks Gwen!), Nashville (thanks Lindsay, Beth and Leah!), Orlando (thanks Julie!) and to our speakers. This 2013 year was held again at Walt Disney World, Orlando and we can’t forget the amazing team at Disney World, Julie and Lindsay who helped organize another unforgettable event (thanks to all you ladies!). And of course, our wonderful sponsors including Disney World, KitchenAid, Oxo,  Florida Dairy Farmers , Get It Right and Whole Foods Market for their support and generosity to all our attendees.

It’s Walt’s quote that always remind us that we are never alone. Regardless of how many dreams we have, we don’t have to do it as one. The power of two, of three and the greatness of people to support and encourage you can help you make beautiful things happen.

This is true and the reality of what Todd and I do every day and why we love it is because of our readers, our online friends and all the amazing folks that cross our paths. Todd and I feel so truly lucky to be doing what we love and it was never accomplished alone, with just us two. We’ve always said this and we’ll say it again: We are here because of people, you people, each and every one of you.

Yes, Walt. Everything you said is true because our dreams are becoming reality because of kind folks in our community. We’re having the time of our lives and we’ll keep dreaming, reaching towards the stars and enjoying every minute of it with everyone who dares to soar with us.

Thank you Disney for treating all of us like family and encouraging us to never forget the value of believing, dreaming, sharing and the value of each person.

hugs and love!

-diane and todd

Some fun scenes from Food Blog Forum 2013: Photo Credit to wonderful Mr. Guy Michelier:

huge thanks to all our Disney World organizers, including Pam, Karen and Marisa.

the whole Food Blog Forum gang!

Scott, Jaden and Elise

Todd and Diane talk about photography, video and storytelling

Thank you Disney World for a wonderful Friday night reception party. The food was fabulous.


Nathan drawing names for prizes. And there were many, many winners thanks to our sponsors.


Lindsay and Julie share a happy moment.


lovely ladies


Gina wins the big one!

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  1. Laura @ Family Spice

    How wonderful! I wish I could have gone. Perhaps next year the west coast?!

  2. Katrina @ In Katrina's Kitchen

    It was such a beautiful weekend. I was so happy to sit in and soak up your wisdom and inspiration. xoxo- K

  3. Miss Kim @ behgopa

    Mr. Disney is absolutely right! Thank you for bringing that to attention. Sometimes, when there is an overwhelming number of people, we can forget who is who. But we must not forget that each and every person involved is unique and valuable to a community. Without his/her presence, the community would not be the same or what it is.

  4. Alicia

    It was such a great time. 🙂

  5. nicole @ I am a Honey Bee

    Oh, I really hope that I can go next year!!!

  6. cindy

    It was so fun! and I cannot wait for next year. It was kind of a pinch-me-moment when I met you both. The whole conference was an amazing experience, thank you!

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