Appreciation- Speaking at Blogher Food 2010

Tired.  Hoarse in voice.  Cheeks worn out from 100’s of smile lifts.  It’s time to start putting on airs of supreme stoicism just to avoid smiling so much.  And a To-Do list which has doubled in size with nary a cross-off.  In case you’ve missed the million re-caps, vents, and conference must-do/don’t posts, the BlogHer Food  Conference just transpired this last weekend and we were one of the grains of sand participating.

Everyone goes to and comes away from these events with different expectations and impressions. We arrived in San Francisco with the intent of spewing forth as much helpful knowledge we could in the photography track we were speaking in, then settling in to see friends, meet extraordinary people, and fall in love with the beautiful city of San Francisco all over again. Coming home, we were left with one emotion in particular… Appreciation.

Elise, Reeand Jaden hosted the fabulous closing party. Thank you.

Appreciation towards BlogHer. We know first hand how much time and effort goes on to producing these events.  They are enormous time suckers in logistical planning, sponsor diving, and organizational re-arranging. We feel honored they asked us back to share our photographic knowledge once again this year. It is always a pleasure to be a speaker in their events.  Plus we hold an even greater gratefulness towards BlogHer for providing the venue, reason, and opportunity to gather an extraordinary set of online food aficionados in a meeting of the minds and hearts.

Appreciation towards our fellow presenters.  Thankful for all of those who shared their hearts, knowledge, and time. Their generosity and sense and sharing was staggering. People were there to help one another become better. Sharing knowledge, experiences, vulnerabilities, raw ideas, scars, and heart-warming tales.

And most of all, a deep appreciation and gratitude towards everyone who pauses for a moment in their day to visit our site, or took the time to come up and say “hi” or packed the room to see us speak.  You are the reason we we put of lives on hold to share what we can. Nearly everything we’ve learned about photography has been self-taught, and if we can help someone struggle a little less than we did and they find just a bit of value and understanding through listening to us teach, then its reward negates every lost hour of sleep going over presentations and trying to find ways to teach which are comprehensible. If you find a little bit of beauty or inspiration in visiting our site, then for us it is worth logging in and spending hours to put up another post after 14 hour workdays and endless to-do lists. Your appreciation is our inspiration.

Sincere thank you to you all,

Todd and Diane


The Fashionably Bombed Girls-Flannery & Katherine

above: Michael Ruhlman gives a bacon demo

above: Diana, Elise & Jaden. Below: Tartine Bakery & amazing bread.

Thank you Blogher food 2010 for inviting us speak about food photography at the conference.


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  1. Michael Procopio

    I think you two made more of an impression than two grains of sand. You did upon me, you know. I can’t help but look into my camera lens and think “Oh, that’s 3 o’clock light.”

    I’m very happy I got the chance to meet you both, however briefly.



  2. Alisa

    I’m a little late to this post, but I wanted to say that you two were one of the biggest highlights of BlogHer Food for me. I learned a ton from your session and the one Jaden led on branding. I really didn’t expect to take away so much knowledge from the event.

    Also, I really wasn’t seeking to improve my photography skills – not because they are already good, but because it isn’t a big focus of mine – but I went to that session as I heard how awesome you two were and I wasn’t disappointed. I don’t have any new pictures up as of yet, but my photography and understanding of light and set-up as already improved. Thank you!

    1. White on Rice Couple

      That’s awesome. Thank you so much for the sweet compliments.

  3. The Fashionably Bombed Girls

    Hi Todd & Diane! It was great meeting you two at BlogHer Food! Thanks for including a picture of us in your recap! We learned a lot from you, and our photos are already looking better!

    Flannery & Katherine
    “The Fashionably Bombed Girls”

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Bombed Girls- hi ladies! thank you so much for responding. We lost your business card.

  4. Kelly von Hemert

    Love the shots of Tartine! Their billowing meringues remind me of Zov’s with a communal Mission vibe.
    Hope I can join you some day!

  5. Delishhh

    I wish i could have been there. Great shots! Thanks for the quick summary!

  6. Shaina

    I love listening to you both speak. No matter how many times I hear you, I always end up feeling inspired. Thanks for being you!

    1. White on Rice Couple

      Shaina- thank you.

  7. bunkycooks

    I am so sorry that I missed you in SF, but I decided to sit this one out between the ankle and the price of airfare. 🙁 I feel privileged to have worked with you on Food Blog Forum. You are two of the most sincere, talented and giving people that I have met in this blogging adventure and I hope to see you at some event soon! Hugs! Gwen

  8. Stephanie

    Your passion and love radiate from your blog. I log on every chance I chance I get just be inspired.
    Thank you!

  9. Dani Greer

    Hey, you two! Waving wildly from the back – I’m on spiffy fast wi-fi in the city, so headed over here to say hi. Hope you’re both doing great! xoxoxox Dani

  10. Ramenkia

    I just started following your blog and enjoying it. Great article and superb photos. Thanks for sharing, much appreciated.

  11. Maria

    It was great to see you guys! I really enjoyed your presentation too. I came home with several helpful tips. Thank you for always sharing. I hope we can meet up again soon! You are an inspiration to all!

  12. Gosia

    If my appreciation is all what it takes to keep you going, you can count on it to no end. I wish I could have been listening to your presentation. Well, maybe next time. In the meantime, I’ll keep coming back, will admire and absorb every image you post and wait patiently for any tidbit of photographing knowledge you will choose to share.

  13. The Italian Dish

    Really enjoyed your presentation. It was a great weekend. Was thinking of you guys today as I was preparing to shoot food and setting up my “photography mise en place”!

  14. Cookin' Canuck

    The thanks goes to you and Todd. I came away from your session with so many concrete things to work on. Not only was your session packed with your information, but you presented it in such an entertaining, straightforward, and humble manner. It was a pleasure to meet both of you!

  15. Wendy

    I was also one of the people who watched your presentation and I can’t thank you enough for sharing your knowledge. I absolutely know that I will take better photographs of food going forward because of what you taught me. I had about 20 ah-ha! moments in the course of your session. It sound like butt-kissing, but I’m being sincere when I say that your presentation alone justified the cost of my conference ticket. Thanks so much for taking the time to participate!

  16. Jeanette

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and trying to make it easier for others who are just starting out. I was so inspired by your presentation, and am hoping to get to Home Depot to get those clamps! Moved my food to another room on a small table and took shots all around the food to play around with the lighting as you taught us. Thank you and all the other presenters, and of course all the BlogHer folks who made this event possible.

  17. justcooknyc

    i love that tart from Tartine — i should have gotten one this trip but there was so much other stuff to try. i also like that shot of the bacon in the pan.

  18. Fran

    As always you are a stream of inspiration and caring. It was so great to see you guys again and although there was no time to chat, the smile on your faces when we see each other is heartwarming.

    I hope we meet again soon!

  19. Chez Us

    Lovely write up, Diane and Todd. I could not agree more about these events being a time-suck. Being in the biz I can definitely appreciate the heart and soul that goes into a conference! I heard that your presentation was a big WOW – really helped a lot of people who are struggling with taking photos. Congrats on also being a success.

  20. Nicola Stockmann-Tannerfors

    I was one of those people in that crowded room. I was one of those people whose life you made a little less frustrating. And Home Depot will never seem the same again. ;-). The appreciation is all mine!

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