Feasting 101. 1 Day until Event

The day before the dojo’s gathering. D. was charging out of bed with the morning sun. I never charge out of bed, but did follow not too long after. Today was the big prep day. D. hit the veggies; washing, blanching, slicing ’em down to size. I crafted the onslaught of smoke & heat that would transform 12 lbs of tough brisket into melt-in-your-mouth, smokey good, as well as melt the fat of 10 lbs of pork butt into a tantalizing pulled pork. Soon D. had to leave for the nail shop, but I continued the knifing & cleaning. As the knife rat-ta-tated through cucumber & bell peppers, the cook top simmered away a teriyaki-ish marinade and formed a tangy lemon curd made from lemons straight out of the garden.

Morning quickly disappeared under smoke & knife, but the cooking tasks also disappeared as the afternoon arrived. D. had returned from the nail shop, & after a Team T. D. session in the kitchen, we directed our gaze into the garden. With the moving of tables, pulling down chairs, and taking serving dishes out of their nesting holes, we set about to transform the garden into a feasting ground. It’s a crucial part to a good feast, but usually gets left until the last minute, however this set up was completed a day in advance. We are getting better at these food things.

The smoker finally completed it’s task, the last of the prep work was completed, and the remainder of the house cleaned. We’ve made it through the our gathering’s eve in good form. Time for some shut eye, and a bit of rest before the final push in our attempt to make the feast a success tomorrow.

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