Our Photo Card Giveaway & Zucchini Contest

This contest has ended. Thank you everyone for participating. The weight of the zucchinis and board was 24.5 pounds.

Congrats to the two winners who had the closest guess:

  • RuthAnn #87 – guessed the exact weight 24.5 pounds. Congrats!
  • SaraL #5- guessed 24 pounds.

We were out of town for a few days and come home to these gigantic zucchini. They’re huge, out of control and they’re from the garden. Check them out!

To celebrate Summer and veggies-on-crack, we decided to have  little fun with them and have a guessing game contest to see who guesses the weight of them all. Two years ago we had you guess the weight of Henry, our giant beet root. This Summer, it’s all about the zucchini.

Diane, Sierra & the garden loot (iphone)

Even within just a few days, these zucchini grow so fast, we can’t keep up with them. Many of you have mentioned that you’ve grown zucchini this huge too, so it looks like we’re all possessing the same green thumb or luck. What ever the case, let’s have some fun with our garden monsters.

The Prize – Custom Printed Photo Cards – Two Winners!

As a pre-view to our new online store, we’re giving away a set of our custom photo cards!

Soon, our store will have stock, photo prints, photo cards and photo products available in various styles and sizes. As an added bonus to our online store, we’ll showcase our marketplace of unique food styling props and unique home decor pieces that we collect during our travels. So many of you ask us where we get our food photography/styling props, so when we find extra pieces , we’ll be adding them to our online marketplace collection.

In the meantime, we’re giving away a set of 3 (5×7) photo cards that we custom print ourselves at our studio. These photo cards are printed on high quality textured, canvas paper. We custom control each photo card to our satisfaction so that what you receive is the highest quality print and color saturation that we can offer.

Each winner will receive these 3 photo cards (envelopes included) of some of our favorite images and quotes that inspire us!

The Contest ( 4 chances to enter) :

Four Zucchini taking over Sierra’s bed

Guess the weight of these 4 huge zucchini in pounds to the nearest 1/2 lb. (total weight must include weight of the board too)

  • 1 entry: Leave your guessed weight of the four zucchini in pounds to the nearest 1/2 lb. (total weight must include weight of the board too). Basically, what you think the scale in the photo says (measures in 1/2 lb increments. example – “60.5 lbs”).
  • 2nd entry: Tweet out this contest with our handle @WhiteOnRice . Leave the link back here with your 2nd weight guess.
  • 3rd entry: Have you “liked” our Facebook page yet? Once you have already, let us know here with your 3rd weight guess.
  • 4th entry: We’re on Pinterest and Instagram as @DianeCu and @ToddPorter. Just follow any one of these and leave your 4th weight guess here.
  • The two closest correct guesses will be the winners. We will confirm if the winners’ entry satisfied the requirement before we announce.
  • Contest ends Thursday, August 8th, 2012 midnight PST. Winner will be announced by Friday August 9th. Please return back to this post to find out the winner.

Good luck to everyone and Happy Summer!


diane and todd


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  1. Karen

    Some of the guesses are a hoot. I don’t think Diane could hold 50 lbs of zucchini in outstretched arms! 50 lbs is heeavvy – that’s a first grade child! So what was the weight?

  2. Thu

    I’ll say 25.75 pounds!

  3. M C Schlosser

    My guess is 13.75.

  4. Glenda


    My second guess is 19.5 lbs!

  5. Glenda

    I’m guessing 18.5 lbs. 🙂

  6. Laura

    my guess is 28.75 pounds

  7. Julie

    Ok, let’s try 31.5 lbs.

  8. Becky

    My guess is 31 pounds.

  9. Kerry


  10. RuthAnn

    24.5 pounds

  11. Holly

    My guess is 27 pounds.

  12. Rachel

    29.5 lbs!

  13. Suzanne

    I follow you all on instagram, so my 4th guess is15 lbs.

  14. @YouMadeThatblog

    Our Photo Card Giveaway & Zucchini Contest http://t.co/aFUv6mzJ via @WhiteOnRice

  15. Suzanne

    I already follow you on twitter and my 3rd guess is 13.5 lbs.

    1. Suzanne

      oh and I did tweet the contest too ;P

  16. Suzanne

    I liked your FB page and my second guess is 10.5 lbs.

  17. Suzanne

    Hmmm, I guess 8.6 lbs

  18. DHgate

    How huge they are! My guess is 38 lbs.

  19. Christine

    like on fb! 32 pounds

  20. Christine

    Tweeted! 27.0 pounds

  21. Christine

    36.5 pounds

  22. Elizabeth H.

    My guess is 27lbs.

  23. Marina

    my guess is 29.76lbs (13.5 kilograms). had to use converter 🙂
    very impressive!

  24. Colleen

    46.5 #

  25. MissIslandMama

    K, followed on pinterest so 49 pounds 🙂 And followed on twitter so 44 pounds 🙂 (My guess on facebook was 48 pounds)

  26. Emily H.

    1st guess: 45.5 lbs.
    2nd guess (Facebook): 50 lbs.
    3rd guess (Pinteres): 30.5 lbs.

  27. MissIslandMama

    52.5 lbs!

  28. Jennifer

    I follow you on Pinterest, my second guess is 22 lbs.

  29. Jennifer

    Totally random guess–17 lbs. very excited about your shop!

  30. terri

    41.5 lbs?

  31. Shut Up & Cook

    57 lbs.

    But the real question is…what are you going to make with it all?!?

  32. Stefanie

    I’ll guess 22.5 lbs. They’re huge in any case!

  33. Rachel @ Baked by Rachel

    34lb for sure 😉

  34. Tracy crandall

    My guess is 47 pounds 11 ounces

  35. Pierre Desjardins

    My guess is…8 pounds for the zuccinis and the board.

  36. barbara n

    I think the zucchini weigh about 3.5 lbs! Lots of goodness waiting to be enjoyed!

  37. Kate

    26.5 lbs —not so much based on anything. I did read recently that left to grow on their own zuchinni can reach over 2 ft long. But then the seeds are bitter, ect. So best to pick/ use before you reach that point! Nature is amazing!

  38. Kaitlin Jenkins

    I ‘liked’ your page on facebook, and I’m guessing 47.5 lbs this time! 😀

  39. Christina

    I have Diane on my Instagram 🙂 I’m @ForkyouNoforkU

    ok this is my last guess! ummmmm 19.6 lbs

    I tend to pick really random numbers lol

    1. Wenchdeb

      Hi…My first guess is 8.5 lbs…..I just love you guys!!!!!!

  40. Kaitlin Jenkins

    I’m guessing 44.5 lbs with those massive zucchini and the board. Photos are gorgeous as always!

  41. Christina

    Just liked you guys on FB!

    hmm ok another guess….28lbs.?

  42. Christina

    I’m going to go with 37 lbs!! Those things are huge!

  43. Stacey S

    I already like you on Facebook; my second guess is 31.5 pounds.

  44. Stacey S

    My guess is 25.5 pounds. The cards are beautiful!

  45. Urban Wife

    I follow Diane on Pinterest. For my second guess, I’m going to say 10.45 lbs.

  46. Holly Jahangiri


    Just to be safe, I’m going to say 40 lbs. (I really think my first guess is closer, but I’m going to grab 40, too.)

  47. Holly Jahangiri

    36 lbs. – that’s my first guess! (I grew one about this big when I was about 10 years old. I was surprised to learn that’s not their normal size!)

  48. Urban Wife

    Wow, those are huge!! I’m going to guess they weigh 9 lbs. including the board.

  49. Diane Riedel

    I follow you on Pinterest and my last guess is 26 pounds. 🙂

  50. Diane Riedel

    I already like you on FB, my third guess is 28.5 pounds.

  51. valarie

    No tweeter for me but I love having you on Facebook.
    Second guess 27.5 lbs.

  52. Diane Riedel

    Wow, my first guess is 34.5 pounds. Gish this I’d fun, those babies are huge!

  53. valarie

    i guess 31.5 lbs.

  54. Joellen

    18.5 lbs.

  55. Karen Milling

    I’m basing my guess on the size of my smallest cat who looks to be about the size of one of those zucchini. 29 lbs!

  56. Helene

    Sorry, I haven’t seen that Kim already guessed 11.5 lbs. I would like to change my 4th guess to 12.5 lbs. Thanks!

  57. Helene

    I follow you on Pinterest, my 4th guess is 11.5 lbs.

  58. Helene

    I ‘Liked’ you on FB, my 3rd guess is: 10.5 lbs.

  59. Helene

    I tweeted about it my 2nd guess is 9.5 lbs.

  60. Helene

    I like this contest. I have to say that my fav recipe using zucchini is a moist Chocolate Cake 🙂 My first guess is 8.5 lbs.

  61. Yasmin

    I already like FB so my second guess is 49.5 (first guess was 29.5).

  62. SoupAddict Karen

    My guess is 13 lbs … lucky 13!

  63. Kate

    Hey there! Those are some gargantuan zucchinis! My five year old daughter says she thinks they weigh 15 lbs. I like you on Facebook, and so for that guess, I will make a guess of 28.5 lbs. Good luck eating them! Please remember to share some recipes, we are getting some fairly large zucchinis from our CSA too!

  64. Alyssa | Queen of Quinoa

    I follow you both on Twitter (@alyssarimmer) and my third guess is 38.5lbs

  65. Sini

    This is hard…. I’m guessing 31,5 lb.

  66. Alyssa | Queen of Quinoa

    I like you on facebook (The Queen of Quinoa) and my second guess is 33.5 lbs

  67. Alyssa | Queen of Quinoa

    My first guess is that these zucchinis weigh 28.5 lbs!

  68. Kimberly Murray

    I’m now following you both on Pinterest. I don’t know what took me so long. My 4th guess is 38 lbs.

  69. Kimberly Murray

    Just tweeted about your contest. Here’s the link: https://twitter.com/kmurrayphoto/status/229949559911088128

    For my third guess, I will go a little lower…31.5 lbs.

  70. Kimberly Murray

    I already like you on Facebook, so my second guess is 46.5 lbs.

  71. Kimberly Murray

    My first guess is 52 lbs.

  72. Roseann

    my 1st guess would be 22.5lbs

  73. Yasmin

    29.5 lbs!

  74. Billy Walsh

    Is the dog a distraction or the same weight…I’m
    gonna say 49.5lbs

  75. Richarde Talbot

    My guess is 38 lbs. Love to see your feeds on my FB page!

  76. Maria

    Wow!!! My guess is 20.12 pounds!

  77. Laura

    I guess 14.27 pounds.

  78. Kim

    My guess is 11.5 pounds!

  79. na

    This is fun! I guess the weight to be 20 lbs.

  80. sreebindu

    oh! hoo 🙂

  81. Yen

    I liked you guys on Facebook! My third guess is 58.5 lbs

  82. cynthia

    I follow you on all platforms!!! 🙂 I say 31 1/2 lbs

  83. Yen

    28 lbs?

  84. BA

    16 lbs?

  85. Amy Tong

    Liked your Facebook page. My 2nd guess is 27.5lb

  86. Amy Tong

    My guess is 24.5 lb.

  87. Amy

    I’m guessing 26.5 pounds!!

  88. Melissa

    Are they 29.5 lbs?

  89. Sarah L

    My guess is 24 pounds.

  90. @CaterhamHill

    Our Photo Card Giveaway & Zucchini Contest http://t.co/wP5Sm6YD

  91. Shannon

    That is some super impressive zucchini! My guess is 37.5 lbs.

  92. Christine

    Since I don’t tweet, I “liked” your Facebook page and my next guess is 53.5 lbs.
    Lastly, I followed both of you on Pinterest and the last guess is 39 lbs. Wish me luck!

  93. Christine

    Wow! Huge. I planted golden zucchini from seed once and was shocked how fast those baseball bats grew! My first guess is 23 lbs. Just based on the size of my Corgi and no other reason. I know, silly.

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