On Camera Speedlight Basics- I just need more light! Nothing fancy, just more light!

by White On Rice Couple Photo January 8, 2010
food portrait photography with speedlight tutorials

It is time to focus our tutorials onto lighting and discussing speedlights (or speed lites, small strobes, flash guns, mount on top flashes, eyeball poppers… whatever you like calling them.) Sorry point-and-shooters, unfortunately  a lot of this tutorial won’t be applicable to you unless there is a hot shoe (that cool little flash mount) on your camera.

Let’s start with just using your speedlight mounted on the camera for some simple, basic shots. Slap that bad boy on, point it at your target and fire »

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Super Batteries- PowerEx Rechargable Batteries

by White On Rice Couple Photo December 30, 2009
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Anyone who shoots a lot with speedlights know how they eat up batteries. Recently at a DJ event we were shooting, the two of us blew through over 20 AA lithium batteries in one night.  At over $10 a 4 pack, that frickin’ hurts.

However after a recent discovery, our battery woes are over.  Through Joe McNally and his “What’s in the Bag”, we’ve been enlightened to the Powerex 2700 Rechargeable Batteries. These batteries kick some serious speedlight ass.»

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Principles of Photography-ISO – Controlling camera’s light sensitivity

by White On Rice Couple Photo November 22, 2009

In our Principles of Photography Workshop Series we try our best to share what we were able to teach ourselves about photography, in simple, easy-to-understand concepts. These are just some basics to help you get started, there is much more information to learn beyond these basics. But by understanding the most basic principles of photography then building upon them through practice, practice and more practice, you can capture the type of images that you want.

Note: Teaching and understanding photography can be often be complicated »

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