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Vietnamese Fish Sauce Dip – nuoc mam cham

To take away fish sauce (Nước Mắm ) from the Vietnamese is like…Read the full story →

Nail Shop Eats #3- Kumquat Tea to soothe salon anxiety

[donotprint] There's been way too much drama at the Nail shop over the…Read the full story →

Vietnamese Pickles Carrots & Daikon Radish

The pungent aroma of some pickled daikon & carrots can sometimes clear a…Read the full story →

Asian Pear Salad recipe – w/apple cider vinaigrette

[donotprint] Finally!! We're back to eating salad again. After the last couple of…Read the full story →


My dad beat us to the punch when it comes to our tropical…Read the full story →

Life Cycle of Dragon Fruit

A funky addition and curious conversation piece to our garden is the Dragon…Read the full story →

Nail Shop Eats #2 -Bun Bo Hue

My last rant about Mom's nuoc man noodle party seemed to fuel her…Read the full story →

Nail Shop Eats #1- Mom’s famous fish sauce and noodles

Everyone's talking about Mom's Nước Mắm, fish dipping sauce. Now that she's hired…Read the full story →

Banana Bread Recipe – Chocolate Chunk Banana Bread, à la mode

As everyone can see, eating healthier is NOT on our 2008 resolution agenda.…Read the full story →

Strange Orange Fruit. What the ?!? – Momordica Cochinchinensis

What the heck is it?! Scientists call it Momordica Cochinchinensis from the family,…Read the full story →

Mystery Devil Pepper

Don't know what it's called, exactly . But god, is it spicy hot.…Read the full story →

Rain, Popcorn, Couch & Classic Movie

The local "Doppler Forecast" & weather report was off by about 24 hours…Read the full story →
The Green of Green Mangoes

The Green of Green Mangoes

In our kitchen there are three ways to eat a mango. The first…Read the full story →

Dying for Durian

It's not an exaggeration to describe the slow death one can experience from…Read the full story →

Toshi Koshi Keiko 2007-2008!

Toshi Koshi Keiko, is a tradition among Japanese martial arts of practicing on…Read the full story →

Grind it Baby, Grind it!

There is nothing like grinding butt. We aren't talking about life in the…Read the full story →

Fried Springroll Cravings

[donotprint] When I see these fried springrolls, I see me. These attractive rolls…Read the full story →

Merry Calvados Christmas – Apple Sidecar

[donotprint] We all need a drink this time of year. Crazy mall parking,…Read the full story →

Fremont Tangerine Dream- Mandarins

Warning to anyone who wants to walk under our trellised tangerine tree! At…Read the full story →

An Evening at Honda-ya – Tustin, CA

It was the end of a long day dealing with hordes of Christmas…Read the full story →

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