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Video #1 – Taiwanese Cabbage Saute

Our cooking videos have finally made it to the computer screen!! (applause) After…Read the full story →

Tofu Frites & Mojos in Asian Ketchup. What’s Your Style?

Who doesn't love a warm batch of french fries? Any fool who dare…Read the full story →

Blood Orange cocktail – Tagged, TWICE …Aww, Bloody Heaven!

Our Southern Californian climate doesn't provide us with fall explosions of color, white…Read the full story →

Sharing The Love #3- The Art of Spicing

You should see the state of our pantry right now, it's full, it's…Read the full story →

Sharing The Love #2 -Roasted Gold Potatoes with Rosemary- “Gold Coins”

[donotprint] Purely potatoes- that's been our breakfast craving for the past few days…Read the full story →
Vietnamese Spring Rolls – Pineapple Salad – In Two Ways

Vietnamese Spring Rolls – Pineapple Salad – In Two Ways

We're rolling in greens this month! Unfortunately, it's not the type of green…Read the full story →

Happy New Year of The Rat 2008 !!

If we really wanted to ring in this Chinese/Vietnamese Lunar New Year properly,…Read the full story →

Compassion of Beef

[donotprint] Today's LA Times headlined a report in which the "State urges schools…Read the full story →

Sharing The Love #1 – Green Tea Garden In A Glass

For all you tea lovers (or soon to be after this post), you…Read the full story →

2008 Tet New Year-1st Post

This Lunar New Year of the Rat doesn't begin till February 7, 2008,…Read the full story →
Pizza alla Bismark- with eggs

Pizza alla Bismark- with eggs

We were catching up on some of the "No Reservations" that were recorded…Read the full story →

Curried Brussels Sprouts Recipe – Cabbage On A Stick

[donotprint] I told my mom that I just bought a cabbage on a…Read the full story →

Thin Crust Pizza Dough

[donotprint] After visiting southern Italy, we were hard pressed to find a pizza…Read the full story →

You Don’t Know Jack! – Jackfruit

Well, maybe you do and maybe you don't. Once introduced, you won't forget…Read the full story →

Mom Loves Jack

Not only does Mom know "Jack", but she love him as well. Introducing…Read the full story →

Life in Perspective Through Lemongrass

Cooking for Thai's memorial luncheon was not only an honor, but a trip…Read the full story →

Feasting 101. The Event. Sweet Success.

We were in fine form. Flying around the kitchen, finishing dishes, cooking the…Read the full story →

Feasting 101. 1 Day until Event

The day before the dojo's gathering. D. was charging out of bed with…Read the full story →

Rambutans/Rhambutans “Chôm Chôm”

Fresh rambutans finally arrived at our local Viet fruit store and we grabbed…Read the full story →

Feasting 101. “Holy ^%*&!!!” 2 days until Event.

Last month there was a tragedy which one of the senior black belts…Read the full story →

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