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Roasted Eggplant with Mint – Perfect Summer Picnics

Diane has been all atwitter about how much she loves that summer is…Read the full story →

Good Bite- Internet Food Show featuring Food bloggers

The "secret" is finally out! There's been a mean tease of secrets and…Read the full story →

Beautiful Cowboy Cooking – Cast Iron Pans and BBQ Salt Crusted Fish

Until a year ago, I was a fool. Every time we would peruse…Read the full story →

New blog look, New projects, Same Us

Wow, how fast have things changed since we started blogging over a year…Read the full story →

Grilled fennel bulbs, parmesan, olive oil, sea salt, lemon juice

Now that the rains have subsided and sun's warm rays have nurtured all…Read the full story →

Edible Los Angeles, Chef Michael Cimarusti Sea to Plate

Eating locally means that we don't have to look too far to feed…Read the full story →

Hearing ghost stories

I often find myself lost in time and losing track of time when…Read the full story →
Creamy Chili Hot Sauce (Spicy Sriracha Mayo) on French Fries

Creamy Chili Hot Sauce (Spicy Sriracha Mayo) on French Fries

The internet is all afire about Huy Fong's Sriracha Hot Sauce lately and…Read the full story →

Deep Dish Snickerdoodle a la Mode – Episode 2 of the Pizookie Files

In Episode 1, we introduced the dangerous pleasures of the pizookie, a deep-dish-baked…Read the full story →

Snickerdoodle – Cinnamon Sugar Cookie goodness!

I had a brilliant idea. It was for another addition to our deep-dish-a-la-mode-cookie…Read the full story →
Sriracha Recipe – Homemade Chili Sriracha Hot Sauce

Sriracha Recipe – Homemade Chili Sriracha Hot Sauce

Twitter got me into some big trouble. Last week, I innocently twittered a…Read the full story →

Thomas Keller’s Truffle Infused Custards – an Amuse Bouche Phenom

Sometimes you want a dish that is so incredible, the moment your guests…Read the full story →

David Lebovitz’s Madeleines- “The Sweet Life in Paris” Preview

So, I come home from work and found a package waiting on the…Read the full story →

Grilled Chicken Rosemary Skewers – ode to simplicity

The beauty of simplicity. It seems to be a reoccurring theme for us…Read the full story →

Madeleines w/ Chocolate Dipping Sauce

Madeleines.  Elegant simplicity, deliciously captured in small, shell-shaped cookies.   The madeleine has…Read the full story →

Bonded by a cookbook- Spinach salad w/toasted almonds, apples & Vermouth vinaigrette

Sometimes the simplest of things can end up blossoming to be the most…Read the full story →

Black Garlic Noodles – Umami blast

Black garlic has been on my list of ingredients to cook with and…Read the full story →
French 95 cocktail + Hatfield’s Restaurant

French 95 cocktail + Hatfield’s Restaurant

There's a little jewel of a restaurant nestled on a bustling street in…Read the full story →

Pork Tenderloin – Stuffed & Grilled

Disappointment solved. Ever have a dish that stumps you?  You make it sometimes…Read the full story →

Deep-dish Cookies a la mode – “Pizookie” Style

Ok, enough teasing. The twitter followers got the inside scoop with the twitpics,…Read the full story →

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