Eating & Shooting Boulder, CO

It’s been a heck of a few months and to round off our busiest shooting season ever, we landed in gorgeous Boulder, CO to teach a food photography workshop with Jen and Helen. The mountain scenery was to die for and we polished-off some of the best food that Boulder offered (at least a hint of it in a short 3 days – so much great food there), all in the company of great people and workshop attendees.

Two full days of food photography workshopping didn’t feel like work nor school. It was a fantastic gathering of learning, new friendships and plenty of amazing food.

We want to send out a HUGE  thank you to Jen at UseRealButter for organizing the Food And Light Workshop.

Another big hug goes out to all the attendees that came to the workshop. Everyone’s energy and enthusiasm for learning food photography is the reason why the food blogging community is so awesome.

Lastly, a big thanks to all our sponsors, including Chefs Catalog who is proving us with a swag bag giveaway! All of the instructors (Us, Jen and Helen) are giving away a bag too, so you can comment on all our sites for 3 chances to win.

To enter, just comment below. Contest ends Midnight, Sun. July 4th, 2010

Three chances to win: Just head over to Use Real Butter .

  • 1 Wustof bread knife and board set
  • 1 set of wooden spoons & silicone spatula
  • 1 set of mini stainless steel mixing bows with covers
  • 1 set of kitchen towels
  • 1 Chefs nylon reusable tote bag

******The Contest has ended, thank you!

Synopsis of our 3 days in Boulder, Colorado:

Jen’s Dinner Party- Finally! We entered the famous Use Real Butter house and we’re pleased to report that this mountain retreat is even MORE BEAUTIFUL that what Jen has humbly described to us. She’s right, she does live in the boonies up in the mountains, but the view and the house itself was worth the long trek up the windy mountain roads.

As if Jen didn’t have enough to keep her busy with organizing the workshop, her and her husband (Jeremy) prepared a fabulous feast for a small group of her friends the night before. This woman is a machine, one helluva skier (especially the technical tele-skiing), an amazing photographer, a kick-ass cook and a maker of the most amazing ice cream. Her homemade thai tea, passion fruit and vanilla ice-creams has us all licking the bowls without embarrassment. We were floored at the amount of amazing food, generosity and hard work she put into every detail of her work.

Most exciting for us was to finally meet Kaweah, and to hike with the sweetest lab in the world. Kaweah the great swimmer in ice cold lakes, something we hope to be able to do when we grow up one day.

The Use Real Butter mountain retreat with a million dollar view

champagne toast to lovely newlywed Anita

procuitto wrapped melon appetizers & jen’s amazing salad with oranges, almonds

todd telling jokes to the ladies

hiking with Kaweah!! Watching her swim in the icy cold lakes was a real treat . We love Kaweah.


Food Photography and Styling Workshop

Two full days were dedicated to learning about food photography and styling. All the attendees honed in on their styling and photography. Their photographs came out beautiful! We gave away prizes at the end of the workshop to some of the top photographs and seriously, it was SO HARD to choose.

With so many talented photographers and stylists in one room, it raised the bar for everyone to learn and improve.

Jen leading the workshop with a presentation on photography principles

gorgeous venue with abundant natural light filling the room

first hands-on workshop was practicing shooting on manual controls

plenty of natural light to photograph in for taylor

cherries were a popular prop and perfect subject for shooting

jenny styling a plate of fruit

prepping juicy watermelon for the next shot

Natalie & Matt, owners of The Sugar Bakeshop shared their gorgeous tarts, cupcakes for the shoot


Eating Boulder, CO

Hands down, Boulder has some of the best happy-hour menus around. The quality of food, restaurants and scenery all in one place was enough to keep us inspired, but the value of the happy-hour food and drink had our jaws dropping to the floor.

We were blown away at the some of the low prices for such high quality and executed food in Boulder. The food and restaurant community in Boulder is outstanding, with so much emphasis on local, fresh and organic ingredients. Boulders food scene is rich in local pride and it’s evident in every superb dish we ate.

It was sad to leave Boulder, Jen, Jeremy, and Kaweah, but we’re heading back soon because there are so many more fabulous restaurants to visit and fantastic friends to spend time with.

todd is happy to be in beautiful Boulder

many cool restaurants and shops line  Pearl Street

our favorite hang-out of the trip, The Kitchen Cafe , thanks to Jen for the recommendation!

we gathered at UpStairs of The Kitchen , the second level of this fabulous restaurant

plenty of great cocktails and wine were on the happy-hour menu – $6-$9 !

the best thick cut garlic fries ever! happy-hour price- unbelievable $3

mac and cheese ( $3) and toffee dessert a la mode

olives and woof fired pizza ($3-$5)

the table spread, full of wonderful munchies!

and of course, plenty of good looking and helpful staff to lend a helping hand


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    This was a great story. Next time you are in town, please join us on a culinary walking tour.

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    Fantastic! I’m ready to sign up for the next one!! 🙂

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    Looks like they can’t hold back on the GORGEOUS light in Boulder! What a great trip and beautiful location to learn about embracing light and shooting on manual!

    Miss you two hard working people!

  4. Gwyneth Terry

    I love reading about your travels and enjoy the photography. It inspires me to make better pictures!

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    Your shots in and around Boulder are wonderful! It’s an amazing town, what a perfect location for a workshop/retreat!

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    Amazing food, fabulous photography, great venue, best instructors, great company, what more could you ask for, well, I could ask for one thing and one thing only, could you hold a workshop in Canada, possibly Toronto?

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  11. Megan Gordon

    Oh! I went to college in Boulder and haven’t been back since. I hear (and see) that a lot has changed….this has been a huge nudge to look up a plane ticket and giddy’up on over .Is there anywhere prettier, really? The workshop looks fantastic! Hope to see more in the future???

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